Gateways For

Our college is a gateway to a better career. We transform young and eager minds to professionals. We are the ultimate gateway for the students, faculty & staff, alumni, parents, visitors, neighbors.


We transform our students to the best professional through:

Student Affairs : the student affairs are handled by the faculty members, HOD, director, placement office and the management.

Organizations & Clubs : club activities, organization visits, event, etc helps our students to real like experience. These are conducted throughout the program.

Diversity : we provide diverse for of education through different programs, event and training sessions.

Living On Campus : the trust has ensured getting the best experience from the campus by providing facilities and creating and safe and sound environment.

Cultural Centers : the cultural centers in the campus ensure good code of conduct, etiquette, and retention of cultural & tradition.

Career Development : our placement office provides placement assistance and training. This help in better career development.

Faculty & Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty group ensure better for training and teaching. They also develop themselves through research programs so that they can deliver better. They always make sure the delivery of education to be efficient and effective.


We have a big alumni group who has been very cooperative and supportive to clarify our student's doubts and assist them with advice. They also help the placement office with the networking process.


We have a strong PTA who help us and support us in the entire process. There sugessions and help has been most helpful in the recent years.


We have had many visitors who shared their precious time with us to help us. They have played a great role in shaping our students attitude and passion.


Neighbors of our institutions and trust are to be thanked a lot for their full-fledged support and active participation in our events. They had been supportive for our activities from our inception.