The Faculty members as well as the students of our department attend conferences, seminars, training and workshops to know about the recent trends, developments and application in the field of Civil Engineering.


  • Laboratory Practical
  • Projects
  • e-Learning
  • Seminars and Tutorials
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Field Trips
  • Class Advisor

    A faculty member has been assigned to act as advisor for each class to monitor the students’ learning activities and identify their problems either personal or academic. He has the responsibility to bring that class to be a best one in all aspects.


    The Department Counseling system provides individual and confidential advice for the students. Each faculty member is having 15 to 20 students’ under his monitoring. The Counseling system helps to solve the students’ personal problems that may affect their regular life style. The Counselors are trained to find the best way to help the students with their problem via collaborative and sensitive discussions