Our motto is "Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge". We wish our students to develop and exhibit their talents in our forum. We aim at developing the skills of individuals aiming them to grow into responsible citizens - 'A Complete Human Being" competent for social living.

            There lies a myth that quality of education differs from place to place i.e. rural, urban, international etc. But we believe that such a difference doesn't exist.

Our vision is to break this barrier, the barrier that exists between rich-poor, rural/urban etc.


            To provide relevant education in par with the changing world by integrating the best facilities and be utmost benefit to the society. People with the urge to serve the society through their teaching can contact any of our institutions. Imayam is always ready to render its educational service whole heartedly to everyone. We offer the best of training experiences by sending our students to various reputed institutions in the surrounding area. We also encourage them to participate in various extracurricular activities which boost their physical and mental wellness.

            Imayam College of Engineering [ICE] is devoted to offer Quality Education and Training in Engineering and Technology by moulding young men and women capable of being leaders of the society for the betterment of the Country.

            To educate the rural youth and to stimulate ambition among them, so that, they can work hard for their own welfare, family and society thereby eradicating illiteracy, poverty and backwardness.