Science & Humanities

About Department

            All faculty members of our department put all possible efforts to make the future engineers very efficient and excellent in all walks of their career. We are following a wonderful system to achieve this goal as per the advice and guidance from our Chairman, Vice Chairman ,Principal .Now there are eight faculty members and two non-teaching staff in our department.


            To produce a highly disciplined and technically efficient engineering community with good mathematical knowledge and innovative thinking. To explore the two-way relationship between technology and society.


            To work as a vibrant and model department of excellence in imparting quality education in the field of mathematics and Engineering.


  • To promote self-learning among students
  • Quality Improvement Cell has been developed to improve knowledge of students besides equipping them to learn beyond the syllabus
  • use NPTEL videos of IITs as Audio-Visual Aids for effective teaching-learning process available in Communication Skills Lab./li>
  • To utilize Bridge course CDs of DOTE to develop effective Communication Skills in students
  • To enable students well versed in Functional and Technical Skills using the resources of IITs
  • To enable students and faculty to use their free time effectively to widen their knowledge using the internet facility
  • To arrange short-term courses for additional learning to suit the needs and changing trends in industries